Video Streaming Server With Multi-Protocol,Robust And Rich API
You can submit your requirements in below,Then We will provide your list price according your special requirement.
what we need to introduce first is that a license is specific to a server. That is to say, You need a license when you have a server to run our software. The licens is nothing to the software feature,concurrent quantity and the hardware configuration.
For the better understand your special requirements,Please completed the below questionnaire:
1. Ti Top Streamer can provide license in many different business option,You can choice any one of these:
Perpetual License(1 year tech support)

Perpetual License(2 years tech support)

Perpetual License(3 years tech support)

Annual License(Annual tech support)

Monthly License(Monthly tech support)

2. About Server maintains and service:
We have our own server, and take M&S by ourself, We will contact you when we need the tech support.

We have our own server, But We hope your company can take responsibility for the M&S.
(In this case,You must permit our support team access your server anytime anywhere)

We havn't the server, Please provide us the total solution(all the software, hardward and M&S)

3. Can your server connect to the internet?
Yes,It can connect to the internet

No,It cann't connect to the internet

We havn't the server

4. Please briefly describe the requirements,such as in what scenarios the Ti Top Streamer will be used in:

5. The Name of the company or organization:

6. Your Name:

7、Your phone number:

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