Video Streaming Server With Multi-Protocol,Robust And Rich API
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This article provides a comprehensive comparison between two mainstream commercial streaming server software. In these products, the one is Wowza Streaming Engine, the other is TiTopStreamer from "Beijing TiLiu Technology Co.,Ltd.".

Let's first summarize the similarities between these two software:

1. All of them are commercial software with the same business model, relying on selling licenses to make profits, providing permanent licenses, monthly rental licenses, and annual group licenses.

2. The software license is not related to features or the number of concurrent streams. Licenses are based on the server, and one server instance requires one license.

3. Both online and offline licenses are provided. Online licenses require network authentication through internet. Offline authorization is used when the server cannot connect to the internet.

4. All of them provide web-based console pannel.

5. The core streaming service is an independent process, and the web console pannel is used to manage operations, which is another independent process.

6. In terms of internal logic, the Application layer is provided, and any input stream is assigned to a certain Application. The input stream under an Application has the same processing logic.

7. All of them provide the most common features as a streaming server, include RTMP push and rtmp pull, hls streaming, receive the unicast stream and multicast stream through UDP, RTSP Pull,receive SRT stream,webrtc push and webrtc pull, RTMP forward and UDP forward,record,nvr.

8. They all provide rich HTTP APIs for integration with third-party systems.

Compared to the Wowza Streaming Engine, the advantages of TiTopStreamer can be summarized as follows:

1. The offline license of TiTopStreamer without the need for USB dongle. But the offline license of Wowza Streaming Engine must use USB dongle. The supply cycle is long (requiring express delivery from the United States), and it is also easy to lose and difficult to store.

2. TiTopStreamer has more powerful performance, surpassing the Wowza Streaming Engine by more than 5 times in terms of concurrent processing of audio and video streams, That is to say, if a server supports 100 video stream inputs when using the Wowza Streaming Engine, then switching to Ti Top Streamer can support 500 video stream inputs.

3. TiTopStreamer occupies less memory, with only a quarter of the memory occupied by the Wowza Streaming Engine.

4. The output stream of TiTopStreamer supports the HTTP FLV streaming protocol, while the Wowza Streaming Engine does not support it. Therefore, in the H5 environment, Ti Top Streamer has a very obvious advantage in low latency playback.

5. TiTopStreamer fully supports the H.265 encoding format, while the Wowza Streaming Engine does not provide support for H.265 on the rtmp protocol.

6. TiTopStreamer supports the Chinese GB28181, but the Wowza Streaming Engine does not support it.

7. The web console pannel of TiTopStreamer supports both Chinese and English languages and can be switched at any time. The web console pannel of Wowza Streaming Engine only supports English.

8. The web console pannel of TiTopStreamer is more concise and user-friendly. However, the web console pannel of Wowza Streaming Engine is very cumbersome to operate, and many aspects of the design are unreasonable

9. Http API of TiTopStreamer is more concise and user-friendly, The HTTP API of Wowza Streaming Engine is very complex, obscure, and difficult to understand.

10. The product logic architecture of TiTopStreamer is clearer and more reasonable, while the product logic of Wowza Streaming Engine is relatively chaotic and many aspects are unreasonable (there are too many historical burdens that require backward compatibility)

Of course, the TiTopStreamer also has some shortcomings, summarized as follows:

1. TiTopStreamer must be deployed on Linux Server and currently does not support Windows Server. But in the field of servers, for stability and security, the industry generally adopts Linux Server. So at this point, it's not a big problem either. However, Windows servers have long been plagued by issues such as virus ransomware and are no longer suitable for modern server-side applications.

2.TiTopStreamer's support for SSL is implemented using the popular open-source software Nginx in the industry, which is reverse proxied from Nginx to TiTopStreamer. The Wowza Streaming Engine itself has support for SSL. Therefore, the installation configuration of TiTopStreamer in this section is slightly more complex. But Nginx is the most popular and basic front-end proxy tool in the IT industry, with excellent performance and versatility. There is also a large amount of documentation available online. Using Nginx to support SSL on Linux Server is more universal.

Below, use a table to summarize the comparison situation:



Summary: Compared to the Wowza Streaming Engine, the advantages of TiTopStreamer are already quite obvious.