Video Streaming Server With Multi-Protocol,Robust And Rich API
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Nov-25,2023, released TiTopStreamer 1.0.68

Main updates:

1. supported fmp4 format in the HLS stream, The video and audio segments will use fmp4 format when you use "playlist_sfm4s.m3u8" as the extension the of hls url.

2. resolved across domain issue of webrtc signal interface.

3. resolved some compatibility issue of rtsp stream.

Oct-7,2023,released TiTopStreamer 1.0.61

Main updates:

1. add support to Webrtc protocol, You can push webrtc stream to TiTopStreamer,and playback webrtc stream from TiTopStreamer(transform anyother protocol(rtmp、rtsp、udp、srt、gb28181) to webrtc),and vice versa.

2. For the hls stream, When the variant stream happend or need to support session, We added the field of "BANDWIDTH" in the playlist file, for example:


Sep-1,2023 released TiTopStreamer 1.0.58

Main updates:

1. merged the VOD feature to the TiTopStreamer, Before this, There is a independent product "TiTopVOD" for the VOD feature.

2. supported shift-time playback, You can watch the shift-time playback by add "?timeshift=xxx" to the normal hls url, where "xxx" refered to the backward time in milliseconds.

3. supported NVR playback, You can watch the nvr playback by add "?start_time=xxx&end_time=xxxx" to the normal hls url, where "xxx" refered to the start time or the end time.